I like how the only people defending Seth MacFarlane are men, and I have yet to see a woman reblog one of those “THEY WERE IN ON IT U GUISE” posts. Yes, you could go so far as to say that Seth’s song “we saw your boobs” was pointing out sexism in the industry and that only those who bare their breasts get oscars, OR you could go further to say that the showing of breasts is just actual situational acting (in the fact that if you’re being raped, you’re not going to be making sure your nipples are covered), and that brings it around to the oversexualization of the body, and it comes back full circle to Seth Macfarlane’s song, “we saw your boobs.”

My point is that if you are not a woman, you do not have the innate feeling of taking offense. You are not a woman. You don’t know what it’s like to be a woman. Therefore, your empathy is going to be off purely for the fact that you don’t know what it’s like to be oversexualized based on life-supporting organs on your chest that you do not have.

So if you are a man and you think that everyone is overreacting to Seth Macfarlane, and all your support is coming from men, and not a single woman is on your side, or at least the majority of women are against you, you should realize that “hey, maybe I’m wrong!”

Look at anti-abortion activists and republicans. Mostly men, based on principles that don’t have to do with the situation. A large amount of women are against them, because the issues they debate center on women, but they have almost no representation of women on their side of the issue.

You are a man. You are saying something isn’t sexist, despite never having felt sexism. You have never been systematically oppressed based on your sex. You don’t know what it’s like. So if you find yourself having to argue with every woman that something isn’t sexist, and your only supporters are non-women, you should probably re-evaluate yourself.

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    I agree with you whole-heartedly except for one thing: I disagree with you when say that men are not as sexually...
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    Just chiming in to say that I see quite a lot of women defending him, including myself. I should note that I identify as...
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    He’s never said anything that’s offended me. There’s been a few times where he’s said something, and I’ve grimaced, like...
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    Make that women. :)
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    Woman and not offended. Thought it was pretty funny, especially the boob song. Laughed my ass off.
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    I am a woman and I thought it was funny. The actresses were in on it and the joke was making fun of people who would...
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